Russia Protests Ukraine’s plans to demolish element of WWII Memorial


Russia has sent a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in connection with planned demolition of a replica of the Order of the World War II at the Field of Mars military memorial in the city of Lviv, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

The war memorial to Soviet soldiers was established in Lviv in 1970. It consisted of a 30-meter obelisk, statues of warriors, and a figure of “the motherland.” In February 2018, the city council decided to demolish the obelisk.

“In connection with the Lviv authorities’ plans to destroy a replica of the Order of the Patriotic War on the Field of Mars war memorial, on July 30 this year, a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry with requirement to honor the international commitments and the national legislation norms on protection and conservation of war memorials,” the ministry said.—AP

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