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PTI Govt believes in equal progress of all areas of province: Buzdar

PTI Govt believes in equal progress of all areas of province: Buzdar

CM felicitates PM Imran for delivering fiery speech at UNGA

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Members of National Assembly called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at CM Office on Sunday. Those who called on comprised Khurram Shahzad, Malik Nawab Sher Waseer and Raza Nasrullah. Public welfare and development projects came under discussion during the meeting. Chief Minister while talking on this occasion said that PTI government is focused on the problems of every city and every village and is striving its best to resolve them day-in and day-out. We will leave no stone unturned in order to fulfil needs of the people. PTI government believes in equal progress and prosperity of all areas across the province.
Every year two phases of “Naya Pakistan Manzalain Assan” will be completed, added Usman Buzdar. Rural roads stretching to 1500 kilometres will be repaired and constructed by December of current year, he added. In order to provide transport facilities to the masses “Naya Pakistan Manzalain Assan” Project will continue for five years, he maintained. In the first phase 15 billion rupees will be spent for the repair and construction of roads across rural areas in Punjab, he stated.
Second phase of “Naya Pakistan Manzalain Assan” will be launched in January 2020. Rural economy will be greatly benefited with the construction of carpeted roads in rural areas of Punjab, he stressed. People will not only be facilitated but economic activities will also enhance with the construction of carpeted roads in rural areas, he added. With the completion of “Naya Pakistan Manzalain Assan” programme easy access from fields to the market will be made possible. Usman Buzdar stated that proposals of assembly members will be given preference with regard to development projects. Assembly members should play a vigorous and effective role for the eradication of dengue during its campaign, he stressed. We are advancing forward in anti-dengue campaign by considering it a noble mission. People from all segments of society will have to play their proactive role in order to overcome and eliminate this epidemic, concluded Usman Buzdar.
Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar felicitated Prime Minister Imran Khan on undertaking successful USA visit and delivering fiery speech in United Nations General Assembly. Usman Buzdar said that every Pakistani felt pride and elevated due to successful visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to USA. A new ray of hope has been infused in the hearts and minds of the oppressed Kashmiris owing to historic speech delivered by Prime Minister Imran Khan. PM Imran Khan’s speech has been declared very impressive in the whole world including Pakistan, he added. Prime Minister Imran Khan put up the Kashmir case by becoming Ambassador of innocent Kashmiri people, he maintained. Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed the attire of so-called democracy from the face of fascist Modi Sarkar, he stressed.
The world community is now paying its attention towards Kashmir dispute. Prime Minister Imran Khan has effectively highlighted and portrayed Kashmir cause across the globe, added Usman Buzdar. Indian government cannot now turn a blind eye towards this issue. World community will have to grant right to self-determination to the unarmed and oppressed Kashmiris, concluded Usman Buzdar.


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