PM lauds forces for arresting Gulzar Imam

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday congratulated the countrymen and appreciated security forces over the arrest of “one of the most” high profile militant leaders, the founder and head of Baloch National Army Gulzar Imam Shambay.

“Congratulations to Pakistan for nabbing one of the most high-profile militant leaders, the founder and head of BNA Gulzar Imam Shambay. My appreciation to the security forces for their untiring efforts to restore peace,” the prime minister wrote on Twitter.

He said that the director general of ISI deserved the nation’s highest commendation for carrying out with great sophistication, the “first of its kind and the most complex” intelligence operations involving various geographical locations.

“Pakistan, especially Balochistan, are well on the way to peace and prosperity, Insha’Allah. Pakistan Zindabad,”