Pharmacists wants release of 75pc prisoners to fight against corona


Amraiz Khan


At the time when young doctors are refusing to attend Corona patients, young pharmacists have advised President of Pakistan to release 75 percent prisoners from jails to fight against virus.
It is worth mentioning here that members of Young Doctors Association (YDA) were of the view that they were not being provided with the necessary equipments for their protection to check a Corona affected patients. Due to which they feel it dangerous to attend any such patient carrying virus.
In this situation Young Pharmacist Association (YPA) has written a letter to President of Pakistan to use 100000 force of prisoners to create awareness against coronavirus after giving them necessary training. Prisoners related to medical department could also be used to attend the Corona patients. They are of the view that prisoners could be released on parole under CrPC and this provision is present in law.
The letter further speaks, “Always in case of emergency around the world, first step is to release prisoners and use them positively and it is very common, that released prisoner are more useful in emergency situation than ordinary citizen for the nations. Whether, its war or pandemic; released prisoner work at forefronts and combat the holocaust very successfully”.
The letter quoted the example of Iran government who has released 70,000 prisoners, during pandemic of corona virus. Pakistani Jails are 400-500 percent over crowded. Jails, where there is capacity of 1000 prisoner, 4000-5000 prisoners are confined in very pathetic situation. In rooms of 25, more than 100 prisoners are confined, even prisoner are inhaling each other’s exhale. Prisons are most vulnerable in pandemic of coronavirus than any other.
In case of outbreak of coronavirus in jails, there is no space for quarantine; the situation will not be controlled and thousands of prisoners will die. Government took very good step to stop relatives meetings with prisoners.
Whereby, thousands of security officers of prison police come out and enters jails daily. These officials meet and live with their families, friends and visit markets daily. If someone from prison police were carry coronavirus, then what would happen? Or if any of new prisoner were carrying coronavirus then? It is pertinent to mention here, that carrier of coronavirus shows symptoms after seventeen days, but may spread coronavirus from one to other.
YPA demanded President to issue orders to release 75% Prisoners (especially educated, doctors, para-medical prisoners) on Parole and use them very effectively to fight Corona Virus Pandemic; and also use them for the betterment & development of Pakistan.
It was also suggested in the letter to release all those judicial lockup persons, whose trial has not been concluded in one year, or those who are interested to give undertaking to contribute positively for the country especially in coronavirus pandemic. Release all those, who are interested to give undertaking to contribute to work for the betterment of Pakistan.

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