PDM condemns Imran’s statement against COAS


The ruling coalition, the Pakistan Democratic Movement, strongly condemned on Saturday Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairperson Imran Khan’s statement against the army chief, calling him a “terrorist disguised as a politician”.

The remarks came after Imran, while speaking to journalists at the Islamabad High Court a day earlier, claimed that the army was “maligned” because of “one man”. He further added that there was “no democracy” in the army.

In a comment to foreign journalists yesterday, he said that there could be no rule of law in Pakistan if there are “politicians like sacred cows, who commit corruption and then want immunity, like the NRO, or you have a military which is above the law”. According to a statement from the PDM, the former prime minister was a “terrorist” in the guise of a politician and was attacking the chief of the army staff for standing by the Constitution and for their “refusal to interfere in politics”.

“The person who launched a dirty campaign against the martyrs of Lasbela, is now running a campaign against the army and COAS,” the statement maintained.