Pakistan exports first consignment of fresh mangoes to Russia


This is one of the first endeavors to introduce Pakistani fresh fruits and indigenous goods to Russia

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Customs, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), has processed the first consignment of export of fresh mangoes (White Chaunsa) from Pakistan to Moscow, Russia under the TIR Convention.

The exporter of the said consignment is M/s. Ishfaq & Co, Okara, Sahiwal.

FBR has stated that this is one of the first endeavors to introduce Pakistani fresh fruits and indigenous goods to Russia.

It will help the Pakistani traders to capture markets not only in Russia but also Europe by land route.

The consignment has left Pakistan at Taftan/Mirjawa (Iran) border and is destined for Moscow via Tehran-Astara (Azebaijan)-Astrakhan (Russia) route.

The road distance from Taftan to Moscow via Astara is 4600 Km and it will be covered in about 7 days.

The instant TIR transportation will open this route for kinnow exports as it will take about 10 days to reach Moscow via Tehran-Astara-Astra Khan route. This shortening of distance will increase Kinnow and other exports to Russian Federation and EU.

Pakistan Starts Exporting 4G Smartphones

In a landmark achievement, the Karachi-based smartphone manufacturer Inovi Telecom Pvt. Ltd started exporting 4G smartphones to other countries.

The first consignment of 5500 units of 4G smartphones carrying ‘Manufactured in Paki-stan’ tag was exported to United Arab Emirates earlier this month, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

As part of this policy, PTA had issued mobile manufacturing authorization to Inovi Telecom Pvt. Ltd on 9th April 2021.

The authority stated that successful implementation of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) and enabling government policies includ-ing the Mobile Manufacturing Policy have created a favourable environment for mobile device manufac-turing in Pakistan.

Inovi Telecom has established the stat-of-the-art mobile assembling and manufac-turing plant in Pakistan. Inovi Telecom assembles transition brands such as Chinese Infinix and iTel smartphones.

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