Pak veteran organizations merge with PESS


Staff Reporter

A conference on merger of different ex-servicemen/veteran organization of Pakistan was held at Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) office on 16 Nov instant. Lt Gen Faiz Ali Chishti (Patron PESS), Lt Gen Amjad Shuaib (President PESS), Lt Gen Shahid Hamid (President DFVA), Maj Gen Javed Aslam Tahir (SVP PESS), Maj Gen Anwar Khan, Air Marshal Farhat Hussain, Vice Admiral Ahmed Tasnim, Brig Masud Ul Hassan, Brig Arbi Khan and Brig Mehmood, Brig Abdur Rauf Malik, Brig Safdar Hussain Awan, Col Nasim Raja (Secy Gen PESS), Col Mumtaz Khan, Col Tariq Kamal, Col Muhammad Asghar, Col Muhammad Aslam Maj Ali Ahmed Khan, Maj Adil Farooq Raja and LCT Khalid. LT Gen Faiz Ali Chishti chaired the conference.
After recitation of Quran verse, Lt Gen Shahid Hamid President Defence Forces Veterans Association Pakistan (DFVA Pak), the sponsor of the conference gave his opening remarks and opened the forum for discussion. The “one point agenda: being “merger” of all veterans Organizations of Pakistan representing the veterans of the three services of Armed Forces, Civil Armed Forces and those paid from defence estimates of Pakistan. Exhaustive discussion took place by all participants.
The forum unanimously agreed to merge as one organization to represent all Ex-Servicemen/Veterans of the three Services, Civil Armed Forces and those paid out of Defence Estimates. It was further resolved that in order to work out the common aims/objectives, mandate and functioning of the organization a committee comprising representation from all the merging organizations will be set up.
The terms of reference of the committee will be given separately of the promulgation order. It was desired that committee must complete its task within three months.

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