Kohat police finalizes Muharram security plan

Staff Reporter

A fool-proof security plan has been devised for maintenance of peace in Kohat during Muharram-ul-Harram and security has been tightened in the city, said a press release issued here on Sunday.

The monitoring of the security of Masajid, imambarghs and other sensitive spots has also been tightened and 2500 police personnel would be deployed for strengthening security and timely response.

Similarly, the Rapid Response and Quick Response contingents of Elite Force have also been activated.

Patrolling across the district has been beefed up and checking on various highways including inter-district and local roads also increased.

Similarly, a search and strike operation is also launched to review the data of those living in hotels, inns, commercial residential buildings, guest houses and rented houses in the district.

or maintenance of peace during Muharram and combating any uncertain situation, the district administration Kohat has banned the display of arms, pillion ridding, wall-chalking, and distribution of provocative material and use of load speaker.

All possible security measures for Masajid, Imambargahs, minorities’ worship places, bus stations, bazaars, fruit & vegetable markets and hospitals have been taken and special check posts have been established on roads linking the district with tribal and other adjacent districts.

A special control room has also been set up for maintaining comprehensive coordination between law-enforcement agencies and administration while effective and result-oriented meetings with the ulema of different schools of thoughts have been started for strengthening unity among them.

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