Judge surrenders summer vacations



Staff Reporter

Senior judge of Lahore High Court Multan Bench, Justice Chaudhry Masood Jehangir has declared to continue his judicial responsibilities even during the summer vacations.

Addressing to the lawyers during a bar function in Multan on Friday, Justice Masood Jehangir said he would not avail his seven-week holidays as the courts are soon going on summer break.

He said he would surrender his holidays and requested the Chief Justice to send him for work wherever the CJ wants.

He said he preferred to work for people’s welfare instead of going to scenic hilly areas of Naran and Kaghan.

He said that we should be contented what we have. He said that everyone is equal, there is no senior and no junior. He advised the lawyers to seek Halal livelihood and do such works that would earn them reward in the hereafter.

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