Iran’s special envoy says Helmand water flowing into Iran



Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazimi Qomi, posted a video on Twitter and said that water has flowed from Afghanistan into Sistan, Iran.

The discussion about the continued flow of water to Iran will be continuing, he said.

The Ministry of Energy and Water said in a statement that the water flowing to Iran will be measured based on the 1351 water treaty signed between Iran and Afghanistan.

“The amount of water going to Iran will be measured based on the Helmand water treaty of the meeting of Afghan officials with the Iran side,” the statement reads.

“Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been abusing this, and this abuse is not called for in the water treaty. It is in contrast with the water treaty, by any means that it flows from Helmand to Sistan,” said Najib Aqa Fahim, former State Minister for Disaster Management.

Meanwhile, the residents of Nimroz said that the recent droughts have severely affected their crops and they should be provided with irrigation water from Kamal Khan dam.

“Unfortunately, our farmers don’t have access to enough water and they have suffered due to lack of water,” said Riza Sharifi, a resident of Nimroz.

“We say to the officials that we need water for irrigation. We call on the officials to pay attention to this matter,” said Hameed, a resident of Nimroz.

Speaking of the video, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, said: “We are looking for information, whether it is due to floods that filled (the dam) or it is from a previous time–when the residents asked for the water to flow. We don’t have full information in this regard.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy of Iran said that a delegation from Iran will soon visit Afghanistan to discuss the treaty of Helmand signed between Afghanistan and Iran in 1351.—Tolonews

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