Haqqani: Kabul will not submit to int’l calls to oppose Islamic sharia


Sirajuddin Haqqani, acting interior minister, said in a gathering during his visit to Helmand Province on Saturday that the Islamic Emirate will not accept any international orders that are in opposition to Islamic Sharia.

“Don’t sit on the hopes of others, there are some talk saying ‘accept this and we will accept that with you,’ if we had accepted these with you, we would have not fought you for the last 20 years. We accept but based on the Islamic and national principles,” he said.

The acting interior minister highlighted the necessity for further efforts to achieve self-sufficiency so that Afghanistan does not need international assistance.

“When we become self-sufficient, the benefit will be that we will no longer need the world,” Haqqani added.

However, some analysts think that the current government will not be recognized by the international community until it adapts to global conditions.

“If the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan abides by the red lines and globally defined norms in Afghanistan, shortly it will be recognized by three countries,” said Ahmad Monib Rasa, political analyst.

“The world will not recognize the Islamic Emirate if it does not show flexibility. Poverty will increase and there will be more health issues if it doesn’t recognize the Islamic Emirate,” said Fahim Chakari, another political analyst.

Haqqani asked the forces of the Islamic Emirate to treat the people well.

“What do the people expect from us? In the past twenty years, the government has not met their demands, the government was corrupt, today they want love from you and me, they want good morals,” The acting interior minister stated.

The Islamic Emirate’s supreme leader earlier urged his troops to treat people with respect and cooperate with them.

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