Iran rejects US claim of plot to kill ex-NSA John Bolton


Iran dismissed as “fiction” on Thursday US allegations that it had plotted to kill former White House national security adviser (NSA) John Bolton in retaliation for the assassination of one of its top commanders.

The US claim comes at a crunch moment in talks on reviving a nuclear deal between Iran and major powers that Washington had abandoned in 2018 but has said it wants to rejoin, with Iran now considering what European Union mediators have called a “final” text.

“The US Justice Department has made allegations without providing valid evidence, creating a new work of fiction,” Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said.

“This time they have come up with a plot involving individuals like Bolton whose political career has failed,” Kanani scoffed.

“The Islamic republic warns against any action that targets Iranian citizens by resorting to ridiculous accusations.”

The US Justice Department said on Wednesday that it had indicted a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards over allegations he had offered to pay an individual in the United States $300,000 to kill Bolton.

The plan was likely set in retaliation for the US killing of top Guards commander Qasem Soleimani in Iraq in January 2020, the department said.

Guards member Shahram Poursafi is also alleged to have dangled the possibility of a second target he said would earn the ostensible assassin $1 million. —AFP


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