India’s Chenab railway bridge attempt to keep Kashmir under subjugation



Jammu and Kashmir is an Indian Illegally Occupied territory under the United Nations Security Council resolutions but India is continuously taking steps to colonize the region through military means.

India’s latest step to make the region more accessible for its military is the construction of a railway bridge on the Chenab river.

Chenab railway bridge has been illegally constructed by India on the Chenab river to connect the disputed region of Kashmir with India’s massive rail network, making it more accessible for its military logistics and supplies.

This illegal project of India has sparked fears and worry among the Kashmiri people who are already facing blatant human rights abuses and terror at the hands of notorious Indian occupation forces.

Kashmiris are well aware of Indian nefarious and colonial designs as Kashmir has been systematically stripped of its autonomy in recent years, and the construction of railway signals greater Indian control and unwanted transformation of the mountainous region.

Kashmiri people and leadership have serious concerns regarding peace and stability of the region. They firmly believe that the railway will bring more instability to Kashmir which is already facing illegal Indian occupation and struggling with uncalled for and unjust demographic changes.

Kashmiris are certain that there will be a mass population shift in the UN-declared disputed region because of this bridge which will for sure destroy the identity of the region where India has been blatantly pursuing its colonial and imperial designs.

Pakistan and India had fought over the Muslim-majority territory since 1947. Polls have shown that many in the Indian-controlled Kashmir want to merge with Pakistan or become an independent state. In recent decades, authorities have used oppressive tactics to suppress the ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmiris.

The Indian security forces have been resorting to grave human rights violations, including rape and extrajudicial killings.

Indian security forces have been suppressing the peaceful political freedom movement of Kashmiris. In 1990, the Kashmir freedom movement was crushed with overwhelming and ruthless power of over 800,000 military and paramilitary forces.

These personnel never left the region and presently Kashmir is the most militarized region under one of the most brutal regimes of the world.


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