India grabs more than 9600 kanals of IOK land in IE’s name



In occupied Kashmir, while treading the path of occupier Israel in Palestine, Modi-led fascist government of India has grabbed more than 9600 kanals of land in the name of creating 37 new industrial estates (IE) across occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The move was strongly condemned by the Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information (RTI) Movement, a civil society organization comprising people almost from all walks of life. The RTI Movement in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the act would prove to be disastrous for the agriculture-based Kashmir’s economy, which already under stress due to double lockdown.
The RTI Movement Chairman, Dr Raja Muzaffar Butt said that as per the 10th Agriculture Census of 2015- 2016, the agricultural land holding in Jammu and Kashmir was mere 0.59 hectares. “This was a bit more i.e. 0.62 hectares in 2011,” he said and asked the authorities to take into account the unique natural and topographical features of the occupied territory.
“We have dozens industrial estates in J&K without any infrastructure and acquiring huge land to create more such estates is completely an unwise decision” Dr Raja Muzaffar further said.
Instead, he urged the authorities to create green jobs by increasing subsidies in dairy farming, sheep farming, vegetable growing, apple and fruit cultivation plus growing of exotic flowers and herbs for medicinal and aromatic purposes.” On 9600 kanals of land instead of setting up factories that cause air, water and noise pollution, the authorities can help set up 100’s of agri based farms,“ he added.
The RTI Movement asked the authorities including Lt. Governor C G Murmu and Chief Secretary B V R Subramanhyam to revisit this decision and ensure that 9654 kanals of land is utilized for agri based startup’s across the occupied territory.
Indian Home Minister Amit Shah has appointed 44 new officers to seize land and properties of pro-freedom youth and activists under the black law, UAPA Act, in occupied Kashmir. Reports appearing in the local press said that India had decided to take stern action against the Kashmiri people who are directly or indirectly involved in pro-freedom activities. In this regard, the reports said, Indian Home Ministry has decided to take immediate steps for execution of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), which was passed by the Indian parliament to suppress the freedom struggles
The reports revealed that the newly appointed 44 officers had been tasked with identifying all pro-freedom youth and activists and seizing their properties.—KMS

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