I guess, we deserve it ! | By Omar Khalid Malik, UAE


I guess, we deserve it !

A lot is being written these days on various events taking place around the world, especially atrocities against Muslims make the headlines in all Muslim countries.

Palestinians are being crushed, Kashmiris are being suppressed and Rohingyas have been facing ethnic cleansing.

But at the same time, pictures and videos are also being broadcast of the rest of the Muslim world dining in luxury hotels and leading a carefree life.

Anyway, looking at the root-cause tells us that most of the Muslim countries are either economically drained or economically dependent on the US or European financial sharks and wolves who are basically running the show for them.

Another cause of the weakening of the Muslim world is greediness, and greed is a curse (as the saying goes), and they therefore experience the effects of this curse.

In the subcontinent from where I belong, the British initially came as traders and eventually set up a permanent office in southern India.

Later, they requested the then ruler of the region to contract them the taxation system of the region for generating revenue for him to run the government affairs and community service.

With this move only they sabotaged the government by making the ruler financially dependent on them, and in the end the world saw them as rulers of the whole of the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

The same formula is being applied on a bigger scale now. The Muslim world is first tempted into bigger profits and gains and thus made financially dependent.

A few days back, there was a call from one Palestinian organization to boycott European/American stuff for one day only. People were asked to boycott mega food chains and avoid cola drinks for one day.

Ideally, the call should have been answered at the government level, but even at the personal level nobody bothered.

The local owners of these chains should have closed their outlets for a day to show their solidarity, but they were not willing to take a loss of one day.

This shows how much we love wealth and are going to suffer due to this gluttony, so no use displaying false pretences. Muslims must realize the solution of every problem also does not lie in money.

These calls for donations for Palestinians may provide them with bread and butter for a few days, but it won’t take them out of their misery.

In a way, by giving them these charities and donations, we are telling them, hey! Here comes the aid, eat and die with your stomach full.

To counter the West, we should play like the West. Make them dependent on us. Cut the oil supply for a day. I know it’s a big loss, but I guess sacrifices are an important chapter in our religion.

I think helping the religion is a bigger deed than losing a few million dollars, which are going to remain in this world anyway. It would be of no use in the grave and on the Judgment Day.

Our Prophet (PBUH) had predicted during his lifetime that my community would be tested with money, and he was 100% right as always. We are being tested, and we are failing the test with flying colours.

So, when one fails, one deserves punishment. I guess we deserve to be ruled, thrashed and/or colonized.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Dubai.

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