Pangs of Palestinians and cries of Kashmiris | By Nighat Leghari


Pangs of Palestinians and cries of Kashmiris

Tragic enough that knowing all the facts behind the long lived confrontation between Israel and Pal estine, all the superpowers including the UN did not play any role to resolve this burning issue. Consequently a gory incident occurred in Masjid-e-Aqsa on 07 May 2021.

The maiden attack by Israelis on the praying infallible people in Masjid-e-Aqsa, reveals the facts that attack was based on religious rivalry and not to modify their map.

The praying Palestinians were not militants but the Israeli armed forces opened fire on them indiscriminately and within no time dozens of men, women and children were lying dead on the floor of the mosque.

Seemingly, the ceasefire has brought a stop to the clashes between Israel and Palestine but it can be merely a pause and may it take a return to status-quo.

The support to Israel specifically from USA confirmed the fact that the war by Israel was based on faith animosity, the large-scale supply of weaponry to Israel by the USA proved the facts.

The members of the International Declaration of UN that are supposed to be impartial went into dumb and deaf at this horrible incident.

The International Declaration is clear in its Charter that it will be totally above all discrimination of colour caste and even the political thoughts and faith.

The Declaration speaks abundantly on human rights only. Riding on the wave of superiority sense almost all the superpowers do not take the declaration to be committed with it.

A US-based newspaper “Washington Post” has published a story of the concepts about Muslims by an Israeli writer, he reads, we are of the belief that Muslims are like a rapid growing raw grass in your lawn, which needs to be trimmed very rapidly otherwise it will surround and hide your whole home.

When under the pretext of eradicating terrorism and protecting the human rights in the Muslims countries (Afghanistan and Iraq).

The US violated human rights by inflicting unbelievable atrocities on the captives of these countries.

The gruesome video footage of that time is saved in the history of human rights violations.

In “Cuba Centre” prisoners of these wars were behaved canibalicaly, they were beaten upon ruthlessly and their Holy Book Quran was torn up before their eyes.

When USA was criticized for all this inhuman behaviour and for providing weaponry, the heads of the US gave an amazing response, they said, we provide weapons to weaker countries for their defense because defence is inevitable for all the countries, continuing with the statement.

They said our wars in poor and under-developed countries are for keeping peace.

Our civilizing mission is an act of peace on the globe. We have risked upon a long legacy of hatred across the human community but even then, we will carry on to our peace-making mission for larger betterment for human community.

A US General Richard Myer once said, our casualties (anywhere) remind us the heavy price we paid for the freedom of the oppressed people of any Muslim country. Our new “World Order” will introduce an “orderly living” to all human community.

The gruesome videos footage of the helpless Palestinian is a pause of thought for all the Muslims community.

We, the Muslims, have overlooked all the Divine Commands of unity, we have deviated the right path, we have been deviated to all these motivations of worldly temptations and forget the righteousness of head and heart which was bestowed upon us by Almighty God

If we determine and commit ourselves individually to abide by the Divine Commands, we can regain our strength to encounter every evil of the Islamophobia elements. We keep a very high profile heritage of chivalry.

In the dawn of Islam all the examples of Divine support in the wars are before us, while only 313 Muslims could defeat a large number of infidels in the oddest of circumstances.

We have overthrown an act of self discovery and self actualization which is part of our Islam-based education and bringing up.

We have extended not any Islamic code of education to our new generation which could introduce them to the full-fledged code of perfect life.

The video footages of the current combat between Israel and Palestine have provided much material of pondering to all the Muslims community.

The wounded Palestinian children while standing on the debris of their demolished homes and parents lying dead before them is a times to get together against brutality against Muslim community, as a wounded ten years old girl said crying, we have to face all this because we are Muslims.

The massacres of Muslims and consecutive human rights violations in Kashmir are needed an SOS vigilance and alertness of whole of the Muslim community to protect the Kashmiris. India is indulged in genocide activities in Kashmir and many others brutalities.

To help the Kashmiris Pakistan is doing a lot but intermittent clashes with India on this burning issue are not enough now the time is ripe to wage a full-fledged war with India to protect the Kashmiris.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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