Govt plans to spend Rs469b to modernise infrastructure


An amount of Rs469 billion, which is 52 percent of total Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), has been allocated for projects aiming at modernising infrastructure for accelerating growth.

The PSDP focuses on improving transport and communication facilities with special emphasis on inter-provincial and regional connectivity, invest-ment on building large dams and water conservation systems, augmenting and strengthening health sec-tor infrastructure, improving access to higher educa-tion, social protection, increasing employment and livelihood opportunities.

It also aims at reducing regional disparities, mitigat-ing effects of climate change, building knowledge economy, enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security and supporting Public Private Partnership initiatives.

An amount of over Rs228 billion has been ear-marked for energy sector projects during the current fiscal year while Rs90.313 billion for water sector projects.

By June next year, an additional 5981 megawatts of electricity is expected to be plugged into the system, including 1536 megawatts from renewable sources.

To boost industrial development, electricity and gas supply schemes for Special Eco-nomic Zones under CPEC are expected to be com-pleted by June next year.

In order to attain one percent additional afforesta-tion during the next fiscal year, the government has allocated 14,000 million funds to ensure efficient implementation of Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Pro-gramme-Phase 1.

There is a plan to add another ten million acre feet in the water storage capacity during the next year.

To overcome water scarcity and enhance storage capacity, two major storage dams Diamer-Basha and Mohmand along with five hundred and eighteen medium and small dams having cumulative storage capacity of 8.33 million acre feet have been initiated throughout the country.

An amount of Rs90.313 billion has been allocated for water sector projects, excluding hydel projects during the next fiscal year.

Modern, efficient and connected transport infra-structure networks are positively associated with development and rapid growth.

For the transport and logistics sector, Rs173.8 billion were allocated during last fiscal year, of which Rs127.6 billion have been utilised.

An amount of Rs302 billion has been earmarked for the development programme of the transport and logistics in the current fiscal year.

In order to promote balanced regional development, an amount of Rs160 billion, which is eighteen per-cent of the PSDP, has been kept aside for projects aiming at fostering harmony in the federation.

The budget for fiscal year 2021-22 envisages alloca-tion of Rs900 billion for the federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), which is 38 per-cent higher than the previous year. —TLTP

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