Govt formulates three plans to address water, power shortage in Gwadar

Staff Reporter

‘The federal government and Balochistan government have formulated three plans to address the water and electricity issues in Gwadar.

The plan include the completion of the 300 MW coal-fired power plant, connecting Gwadar with the national electricity grid, and providing immediate relief by transmitting electricity from Iran,’ Senator Kauda Babar said while, responding to recent protests rallied in Gwadar.

As opposed to a distorted report by Guardian which claimed protests in Gwadar were against China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Babar clarified that ‘the protests have nothing to do with BRI and CPEC, according to Gwadar Pro.

The issue was local in nature, related to water and electricity shortages. Therefore, it is wrong and ill-intended to link these protests as anti-CPEC protests.’

Water and electricity shortage has long been a historical problem for the Gwadar people. ‘It is the responsibility of the local administration and Government of Balochistan to provide the demanded services,’ Babar stressed.

In this regard, the government is holding negotiations with Iran on the transmission of electricity to Gwadar.

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