Fulbright student programme opens for Pakistani applicants

Zubair Qureshi

The United States Educational Foundation in Paki-stan (USEFP) has announced the 2023 Fulbright Student competition for Pakistani applicants and the application form for this is available online at the USEFP website.

According to a USEFP, the competition is part of the prestigious Fulbright Programme, which is the flagship scholarship of the US Department of State, offered in 160 countries.

The programme fully funds graduate degree study at leading US universities, including tuition, mainte-nance, insurance, and air travel.

Upon completing their degrees, returning Fulbright participants contribute to Pakistan’s development and growth by teaching at Pakistani universities or otherwise engaging in important civic and govern-ment services, the statement further said.

In 2022, USEFP received 1,191 applications and after a rigorous selection process, 213 individuals (138 Master’s and 75 PhDs) from 51 different uni-versities were selected. Out of this number, the Government of Pakistan partners with the United States to annually fund 25 of the PhD students.

In a message to potential applicants, USEFP Execu-tive Director Rita Akhtar said he/she who is eligible, plans to work for the social or economic improve-ment of Pakistan, and dreams of studying in the United States to consider applying.

“Just as leadership in the United States cuts across the full range of American society, so too does the Fulbright programme, which takes a broad view of what constitutes high achievement and leadership,” as noted by the Embassy’s Cultural Attache, Farah Chery-Medor.

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