Free online examination preparation launched for Matric students

Staff Reporter

To enhance continued support to teachers and students, Knowledge Platform has launched a free online examination preparation solution called ‘Exam Prep Master’.

This solution will prepare SSC students, who are studying to appear in the Federal and Punjab Boards’ Matriculation examinations in July 2021.

Knowledge Platform, a leading ed-tech organisation in Pakistan, is aware of the challenges schools, teachers, and students face to effectively prepare for the board examinations.

Talhah Munir Khan, CEO, Knowledge Platform, stated “Covid-19 has changed the way students are obliged to prepare for their board exams. With zero or less classes being held, the resources are limited for exam preparation.

To address this issue, we have come up with a solution suitable for students and teachers whereby they can prepare for their examinations in a short time span.

We are obliged to assist our youth in these unprecedented and difficult times, and we will continue our support for them with innovative learning solutions.”

‘Exam Prep Master’ is an online preparation platform that includes a wide range of selected practice questions with solutions, based on past board examination papers.

The aim is to support the students academically and reduce their exam-related anxiety by providing a real-life examination experience, thus, helping them prepare in limited available time for their board exams.