FPCCI’s UBG demands business-friendly, growth oriented, pro-poor budget


Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s United Business Group (UBG), hailing ban on import of luxury items demanded on Sunday, the business friendly, export, growth oriented and pro poor budget to gear up trade activities besides restoring the confidence of investors with a basket of lucrative incentives to attract foreign investments.

Talking to a 20-members delegation of traders led by President UBG Zubair Tufail here, Chairman Shahzad Ali Malik informed the participants drawn across the country that government is considering their all proposals at all levels and discussing in detail about their incorporation in the coming annual federal budget.

He said Prime Minister office has sent UBG proposals to ministries of finance,commerce, FBR and other relevant departments which he added are now in final stage of approval by the competent authority after thorough deliberations at pre-budget session.

He said all proposals were mainly aimed at ensuring growth-oriented and business-friendly environment to boost the economic activities in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic impact ,prevailing political turmoil and economic upheaval hooking the country.

He said Pakistan was passing through crucial times since its inception due to deadly pandemic, political turmoil and at this uncertain time, UBG with consultation of all stakeholders tailored such viable proposals which will ultimately help the government to revive the economy through upcoming budget.

Shahzad Ali Malik hoped that die hard and dynamic Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif who had also been a successful Chief Minister of the largest province and very popular President of Lahore chamber.

He said UBG fully support bringing the identified millions of non tax payers into tax net to lessen burden on existing tax payers ,broaden tax base and promote tax culture in the country.

He said the next budget should also feature a balanced tax collection approach and the government must adopt a strategy for documentation of economy. However, it should not be so cumbersome that it results in the suffering of business community.

Winding up Shahzad Ali Malik thanked government for their assurance for all viable budget proposals in the forthcoming budget.—APP


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