Festivities continue on third day of Eid


In Quetta and its adjoining areas people are seen going to Benazir Park, Liaquat Park and Fatima Jinnah Park with their families to enjoy the third Day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Likewise, celebrating the happiness of Eid, most of people across the province are visiting District Ziarat which is 1300km away from Quetta city.

Ziarat is very famous due to its famous picnic resorts, cold weather and famous Quaid-e-Azam residency where Quaid-e- Azam spent a most memorable days of his life.

Similarly, enjoying Eid Day people also visited Hanna Lake, Hingol National Park, Hazarganji Chiltan National Park and Bolan Valley which are situated near to Quetta city.

Local Administration has taken special measures to ensure smooth flow of traffic and avoid road mishaps in reaching these parks.

Having spent the first day of Eid on Tuesday on ritual exercise of greeting relatives, friends and near and dear ones, the citizens were seen flocking to several picnic spots and parks.

The families visiting the parks of the city complained that over charging, sale of substandard food items and non-availability of quality products are main cause of concern. The vendors took full benefit of the situation as the concerned authorities failed to control the quality and rates of the commodities rather there was no check and balance in this regard and the shopkeepers were given free hand.

The citizens demanded of the authorities to take action against the violators and those fleecing the tourists.