Farrukh’s statements about access to PPP’s financial documents pack of lies


Secretary Finance Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Senator Saleem Mandviwala has said that State Minister Farrukh Habib’s statements regarding access to PPP’s financial documents are pack of lies and contradict the facts. The fact is that PTI’s fake accounts case is pending in the Election Commission of Pakistan.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that Farrukh Habib has tried to discredit the party by accusing the PPP of hiding 12 accounts before the verdict. The state minister’s statements before the ECP’s decision are tantamount to influencing the case.

How did Farrukh Habib announce the decision of the case before the decision of the Election Commission, he questioned and asked the ECP to take immediate notice of these statements.

Senator Mandviwala said that the PPP has submitted all the documents related to the accounts.—INP

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