Ehsan Mani the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has severely criticized ICC’s newly presented revenue-sharing model which heavily favours India and the BCCI.

According to the proposed model, India will earn 38.5% of the total US$ 600 million revenue each year which roughly comes out to US$ 230 million per year for the next cycle which will last from 2024 to 2027.

England comes in second with US$ 37.53 million which is a stark difference that does not sit right with Ehsan Mani.

(Proposed revenue distribution model) will be giving the most money to the country that needs it the least, which makes no sense, Mani was quoted as saying to Forbes.

I think it’s very unfortunate. There’s no strategic thinking about the development of the global game. There’s no vision. It only takes one downtown in an economic cycle for the ICC members to be affected. There is far too much reliance on India, the former President of the ICC went on to add.

Mani is of the opinion that despite India generating more revenue for the ICC than any other nation, it is impossible for them to do so without other countries’ help. Therefore rest of the countries should be compensated equally instead of the majority of the money going to a single board.

The model is still in the proposal stages and is yet to be ratified so there might still be some changes that come about.

However, one thing remains certain, BCCI will continue to push for the biggest piece of the pie as they see India as the major revenue generator for the ICC.