Denmark appreciates Pakistan efforts for evacuating vulnerable persons from Afghanistan

Zubair Qureshi

State Secretary of the Kingdom of Denmark, Steen Hommel on Thursday in a meeting with Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood conveyed his government’s appreciation and gratitude to the Pakistan government for evacuating the foreigners stranded at the Kabul Airport.

“In the situation evolving in Afghanistan, we are deeply grateful for the professional assistance and outstanding support to enable airlifts of vulnerable persons to Islamabad International Airport for their continued journey”, said the Danish Envoy.

The success of the joint operation would not have been possible without Pakistan’s rapid, efficient and broad assistance across numerous civilian and military authorities, said Steen Hommel.

Foreign Secretary Mahmood thanked the Danish envoy for acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts and exchanged views with him on the developing situation in Afghanistan.

He affirmed the importance of continued focus on security, stability and inclusive political settlement.

Renewing the bilateral relationship between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the two sides agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation, including high level exchanges and collaboration in the area of renewable energy for a green transition.

Pakistan and Denmark have long-standing ties, and the ongoing coordinated efforts have brought the two countries even closer.

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