Daraz to empower customers


Staff Reporter


Daraz, Pakistan’s leading online marketplace, has introduced Instant Messaging and Image Reviews – two new features that serve to empower customers by allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions. Daraz offers customers an assortment of more than 5 million products, which includes everything from high tech electronic devices to everyday use household items. The platform understands that in order to select the right product from this vast catalogue, customers need assurances on quality and to assess products according to specific personal needs. The purpose of the new features, thus, is to provide users the information they need to place a satisfactory order. Through Instant Messaging, customers can interact with more than 17,000marketplace sellers and leading partner brands such as L’Oréal, Unilever, Samsung and Hisense. Sellers are available and readily respond to customer queries regarding products and provide advice so that customers have the knowledge needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Customers can remain in contact with sellers even after they have placed their order and received their product if they require further assistance. Image Reviews facilitates customers in a similar way. Through this feature, Daraz users have access to information from other customers as it allows users to add images to their product review. Customers looking to make a similar purchase are able to gauge the experiences of others and make well-informed buying decisions.