Court bans flag printing in colours

Staff Reporter

A City court ruled that printing of national flag in different colours, other than its original scheme, and on distorted shaped portraits to be considered defilement.

Justice Ali Baqar Najafi heard a petition filed by Advocate Shakeela Rana against the disrespect and disgrace of the national flag of Pakistan.

“Our flag of a crescent and star (Parcham-E-Sitar-O-Hilal), like other national flags of any nation, has unique importance for it symbolizes our history, present as well as the national policy.”

Our parcham is not merely a piece of cloth, the judge said. “The white and dark green field represents peace and prosperity, the crescent on the flag progress and the five rayed star signifies light and knowledge which symbolizes the five holy personalities.”

Pakistan’s flag consists of a dark green rectangle in the proportion of 3 x 2 with a white vertical bar, showing a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed heraldic star. The size of the white portion is 1/4th the size of the flag.

The court observed that according to the National Flags Protocol, people can’t, lawfully, treat the flag in the following ways: It must not touch the ground, shoes, feet, or anything unclean.

It must not be flown in the darkness. It must not be market with anything. When raised or lowered it must be saluted. It must not fly or be displayed upside down or with a crescent and star facing left.

It must not be displayed where it is likely to get dirty. It must not be set on fire or trampled upon. It must not be buried or lowered into a grave.”

Anyone violating any of these orders will be sent to jail for three years under Section 123-B (defilement of the national flag) of the Pakistan Penal Code.


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