Public service core of democracy: CM


Listens to 400 plus people who called on him for four hours

Staff Reporter

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that he is fully committed to resolve the problems of the common man as public service is the essence of democracy.

“I am an advocate of people like you in Lahore and Almighty Allah has granted me the post of chief ministership to solve problems of the common man.”

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was talking to 400 plus people who called on him for the resolution of their problems.

The CM listened to their problems for four hours and issued directions for redressal of difficulties being faced by the applicants.

Usman Buzdar declared that he is a public representative and will spare no effort to service the masses.

“I am your companion and representative and the doors of my office are opened for you round the clock.”

The chief minister informed that the government has diverted resources towards deprived areas and the development journey has been moved towards far-flung areas to ensure composite development.

“I will not sit idle till the resolution of problems of the people living in remote area,” the CM reiterated and emphasized that spate of development activities will result in a real change in backward areas. The development process will be further accelerated to facilitate the common man, he added.

Usman Buzdar lamented that the resources were kept limited to some specific cities in the past, adding that those creating hurdles in the development journey have become a thing of the past while deprived areas have been included in the development process by the incumbent government.

The visiting people thanked the CM for his commitment to resolve their issues and added that maintaining a direct liaison with the people is a good gesture.

While it was next to impossible to approach the chief minister in the past, the doors of the CM’s Office were also closed to the common man, they added.

Meanwhile in his message on World Calligraphy Day, CM Usman Buzdar said that the purpose of celebrating world calligraphy day is to encourage the entrancing art of using pen and paper as calligraphers give value and beauty to words with their artistic talent.

The chief minister said the Punjab government is committed to promoting calligraphy through the information and culture department and various exhibitions are held to encourage the youth.

Calligraphy is the nascent form of early human communication and the sacred books were also preserved through this art.

The Quranic calligraphy is very unique and the Muslims have given the best ideas of Islamic calligraphy to the world, concluded the CM.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said the strong role of religious minorities in the development of the country cannot be neglected.

The CM stressed that minorities enjoy equal rights and the PTI government is fully committed to providing equal opportunities for development to every segment of the society.

The constitution of Pakistan ensures the protection of fundamental rights and it is also a part of PTI’s manifesto, he added.

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