Cold winter complicates life for displaced families in Parwan



A number of displaced families in Parwan province said they are passing through a hard time in the cold winter as they lack the required facilities for their daily lives.

The families asked the government to help them to return to their homes.

Gul bibi, Laila, and Sohaila are sisters who were displaced due to conflicts last year. They said they collect waste from around the city and use it for warming their homes.

“We collect plastics and waste and use them for warming our homes,” said Sohaila, member of a displaced family.

Other internally displaced persons criticized the aid distribution process in the province and asked the government to help them to return to their home provinces.

“We ask the government to facilitate our return to our homes, resume our schools and pay attention to our children’s education,” said Aziz Agha, member of a displaced family.

“We received some aid but that is not enough for us,” said Noor Agha, a displaced person.

Local officials in Parwan said that efforts are underway to address the problems faced by displaced families.

“Efforts are underway to address their problems regarding home, health and water. We will solve all of them soon,” said Mohammad Idris Anwari, the governor of Parwan.

Figures by the Refugee and Repatriation Department in Parwan show that at least 5,000 families have been displaced in Panjshir, Laghman, and Kapisa and have moved to Parwan over the past year.—Tolonews