Muttaqi says Afghanistan and Iran can cooperate in a number of sectors



Iran’s deputy ambassador, diplomats and representatives of Iranian state and private media met with Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Sunday in Kabul to discuss a range of issues including economic relations.

In a meeting with Hussain Mortazavi, the deputy ambassador of Iran, other diplomats, officials, and representatives of Iranian media outlets discussed economic, agricultural, and social issues in the two countries, the foreign ministry said.

In the meeting Muttaqi said that Afghanistan and Iran have a lot in common and they can cooperate in the economic, trade and agriculture sectors.

Muttaqi also asked representatives of the media to present the real picture of Afghanistan to the people and world.

Representatives of Iranian media described the situation in Afghanistan as good and expressed their determination to portray the current situation in Afghanistan in a realistic manner.

The deputy minister of foreign affairs in a tweet said that the purpose of Iranian media representatives’ visit to Afghanistan is to review the situation in the country and reflect it in the media.—Ariana news