Citizens complain about of Covid-19 vaccines dearth



Staff Reporter

A large number of citizens have complained about a shortage of Covid-19 vaccines at various vaccination centres in the provincial metropolis on Monday.

According to a private channel, the vaccine stock at Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital, Services and General Hospital have dried up and people visiting the hospitals from other cities as well as various areas of the city were forced to return without inoculation.

“I have received a message for vaccination but when reached to the hospital, the vaccine was out of stock,” a citizen said.

“The government stressing citizens for vaccination, while on the other hand vaccines are unavailable at vaccination centres,” he said. “Only second dose of Pfizer vaccine is available,” the citizen said.

The citizens visiting Lahore’s Expo Centre are also returning disappointed over unavailability of vaccine. In June amid Covid-19 vaccine shortage at vaccination centres, enraged citizens waiting for vaccination forcibly entered the Expo Centre.

Chaos was witnessed at the Lahore Expo vaccination centre when people got angry over being kept waiting for long and broke inside, smashing glass doors.

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