Chinese company offers free display of Pak commodities in Pakistan Pavilion



A delegation of M/s. Zhejiang Eman Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd from Yiwu International Trade City of Zhejiang Province of China visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) on Saturday and offered to arrange free display of Pakistani commodities in Pakistan Pavilion in China.
The delegation led by Mr. Anderson comprised Mr. Kim, Mrs. Eman, Mrs. Judy and others.
Mr. Anderson stressed that Pakistan entrepreneurs should provide samples of their products so that his Company could arrange their free display in China.
Highlighting the business potential of Yiwu City, he said that Yiwu was one number city of China in terms of exports/imports with 70,000 shops and 3 million daily trade of items. He said that every year in October an international commodities fair was held in Yiwu that was attended by buyers and consumers from around the world. He stressed that Pakistani traders should participate in that fair with their commodities to promote their business.
Mr. Anderson said that Zhejiang Eman Supply Chain Management Co Ltd was established in 2005 in China and was a first-level international integrated transport company transporting goods through ocean, air and road around the world.
The delegation’s head said that China was exporting products all over the world, but now was open for imports. He said that Pakistani exporters should be more proactive to penetrate Chinese market for exports, otherwise other countries would capture market share in China.
Anderson said that prices of Pakistani products were quite affordable for China and Pakistani exporters should take benefit of this advantage. He said that China has implemented a preferential tariff on 313 Pakistani products and Pakistani exporters should fully capitalize on this concession.
Addressing the delegation, President ICCI Ahmed Hassan Moughal said that Chinese companies should bring technology and set up manufacturing plants through JVs in Pakistan to produce various products. He said that Pakistan was a rising market of over 200 consumers and offered great potential for supply chain business. He said that many supply chain businesses were flourishing in our country and it was the right time for Chinese investors to explore JVs and investment in supply chain business in Pakistan.
Senior Vice President ICCI Rafat Farid said that the next phase of CPEC would start industrial cooperation in Pakistan and initially 9 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) would be set up under CPEC in our country.—INP