KE systems remain intact during rain



Power supply remained normal in the city during a fresh wave of monsoon rains. However, power supply to a few low-lying areas including Orangi, Korangi, Gadap, North Karachi and Surjani as well as in areas with a high incidence of kundas was temporarily suspended in the interest of public safety.
According to spokesperson K-Electric, “Power transmission and distribution system of the utility remained intact during the fresh rain-spell, while KE field teams remained active and ready to respond swiftly to any localized faults or complaints to ensure stability of the entire system. Electricity supply to some areas have been temporarily suspended due to the risk of urban flooding.”
KE urges citizens to observe safety measures during the monsoon season and join hands with KE to help curb the menace of electricity theft in order to achieve the shared vision of a load-shed free Karachi.—PR