China’s new weapon downs aircraft with powerful electromagnetic pulse


An advanced weapon developed by Chinese scientists took down an unmanned aircraft with a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in the first known successful test, international media reported.

According to the publication, the EMP targeted plane, which was flying at an altitude of 1,500 metres (4,920ft) above sea level.

The experiment was conducted by the Chinese defence contractor China Electronics Technology Group (CETC).

The experiment is “thought to be China’s first openly reported field test of an electromagnetic pulse weapon in the race to catch up with the US”, Mail Online said.

“The EMP weapon used in the test operated within a narrow band, meaning the microwave beam it produced was designed to have a longer firing range,” it said.

The contractor has not shared the details about the date, location of the experiment, or distance between the EMP weapon and the target.

“In 2019, the US demonstrated a prototype EMP weapon known as the Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder, or Thor, that brought down 50 drones with one shot, showing that it is capable of defending a military base,” the publication added.

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