China reform HK electoral system


IN a move widely acclaimed by people of China and Hong Kong, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has adopted the amendments to Annexes I and II to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR aimed at systemically revising and improving the methods for the selection of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and for the formation of its Legislative Council.

According to a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, it will provide strong institutional safeguards for the full and faithful implementation of the policy of One Country, Two Systems and the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong”, and ensure the stability of the region in the long run.

The amendments reflect the common aspiration of the Chinese people, including the Hong Kong compatriots and come in the wake of foreign-inspired riots and violence in the region aimed at undermining the strength, progress and development of HK.

A systematic campaign is underway to sow seeds of hatred between the people of mainland and Hong Kong despite the fact that HK witnessed tremendous transformation ever since its handing over to China.

Those so-called champions of human rights, who are raising objections to the amendments, must keep in mind that like other countries of the world, China too is fully entitled to national security legislation to promote national unity and solidarity.

In fact, deliberate attempts are being made to create trouble in Hong Kong just as part of the conspiracy by some regional and global powers to scuttle China’s steady march on the road to progress and prosperity.

The new amendments are well-considered as these are aimed at developing, in a gradual and orderly manner, a democratic system that is in line with the constitutional order of Hong Kong and suited to its actual situation.

It will better ensure extensive and balanced political participation of Hong Kong residents and serve the interests of all social strata, all sectors and all parties of Hong Kong society.

The changes made in the electoral system are purely internal affairs of China and Beijing can legitimately take measures to safeguard its territorial interests and sovereignty and long-term welfare of the people of Hong Kong.

We are confident that the new electoral system will help foster a better political, social, legal and business environment and usher in brighter development prospects for Hong Kong, foiling attempts aimed at derailing China from its chosen path of progress and development.