Tribute to Dr A Q Khan


DR Abdul Qadeer Khan is, indeed, Mohsin-e Pakistan and a true patriot who made the defence of Pakistan impregnable.

He is as popular amongst Pakistani people as ever before and one saw its manifestation yet again on Thursday when the entire social media flooded with the messages of well wishes for the nuclear scientist on his 85th birthday.

He indeed is the personality who served the country selflessly and altruistically.

Whilst leaving a lucrative career abroad, he chose a difficult path of transforming Pakistan into the Islamic world’s first nuclear power.

Whilst former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto also deserves commendation for providing necessary resources for the nuclear program, it was Dr Qadeer Khan and his team who worked day and night to turn the dream into reality and bring the nation at par with the arch rival India.

It was the relentless work spanning over many years that the country successfully conducted the nuclear tests back in 1998.

This is our nuclear deterrence today that the enemy has no courage to cast an evil eye on the country.

After the nuclear program, Dr A Q Khan reorganized Pakistan’s National Space Agency, SUPARCO.

In the late 1990s, Khan played an important role in Pakistan’s space program, particularly Pakistan’s first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) project and the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV).

We have no doubt in saying that on the issue of proliferation,  he was made a victim of international conspiracy to stop him from making further contribution in the progress and development of the country.

In fact we would have been far ahead in the field of science and technology if the services of Dr Qadeer were fully utilized.

Despite the allegations levelled against him, Dr Qadeer came back stronger and continued to make contribution in the social sector. Establishment of several health and educational centres are to his credit.

Our country needs a lot more national heroes who are as compassionate and dedicated as Dr Qadeer Khan. His immense services and contribution will be remembered for ever.

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