‘Bringing forth unheard voices’ – An interview with artist Hamda Farooq

‘Bringing forth unheard voices’ – An interview with artist Hamda Farooq

Located in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore city, Hamda Farooq is an artist gravitating towards painting with an aim to highlight the voice unheard in our society that looks busy for not the right reasons.

Her painting series ‘Voices’ ranges from the plight of street beggars and gallantry of armed forces to portrait of Turkish star Engin Altan, who played the lead role in drama serial Drillis: Ertugrul.

Hamda, whose study field is business, is a self-taught artist from Lahore. She officially began her art career through her ‘Voices’ painting series on Youtube.

Attracted towards painting since her school days, she has won various national competitions. Since then, she has established her content of portraying paintings in a unique way which was not seen before; exhibiting through a creative videography style. She has sold her creative paintings domestically and internationally.

Pakistan Observer conducted an interview of the Pakistan’s rising face. Here is her response to the questions;

How did your artwork start out?

I started my artwork officially with my Voices series. I had no idea I’d begin like this but a series of events and the feeling of wanting to say a lot of things that had mattered for so long, led me to work on it. Since I figured this is the best way I knew of expressing myself.

Do you have a role model that you’ve drawn inspiration from when designing your art?

I don’t really have a role model, but something I find inspiring is the story each great name in Art had. Each of them had something unique; their authenticity behind their work. To be able to make art that is authentic to me, is the idea in mind.

What does your art aim to say to your audience?

It aims at conveying something valuable, meaningful and powerful. Even just to be able to have something that can be taken away from it.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Over the years, a lot has changed, my motivation behind it, the way I chose to portray my work and the acceptance for it. My love for portraits is still intact.

How useful is social media for your artwork

Social media is very useful. It’s the basic platform to release work on. As I make video content, it is supported through youtube and all the other content is supported on other major platforms.

What’s next for you in the future?

A lot of things are in plan. Already working on another series. At the same time I believe, future is the unseen, and so I hope good and greater things are in store.

What does the word Voices depict?

We all have something to say. There are so many voices but they aren’t actually heard. Voices series aims to bring forth those voices, basically yours and mine.

What makes your art unique from others?

I feel like my art reflects my experiences and thoughts which nobody else can have, and vice versa. In the past, I was never the regular art student either, I’ve only done it when I have felt like I have to say something.

How painting artwork can play role in society building?

Painting artwork has been there since the primitive times, it is just very natural to human beings. It adds a positive energy to life, expressing yourself, giving escapism and provoking thoughts which I feel like brings us closer to life and people.