Brain-storming by NSC


AT a time when the country was facing grave economic and security challenges, the National Security Committee (NSC) — the apex body to deliberate upon all issues with bearing on national security — has had threadbare discussion on the prevailing situation and expressed the resolve that there would be no compromise on national interests and the terrorists challenging the writ of the state would be responded to with full might.

It is also important to note that the meeting resolved to safeguard the fundamental interests, security and development with utmost courage, consistency and perseverance.

The very fact that the Committee would resume its meeting again on Monday shows the decision-makers are prepared to address both economic and security challenges as time was running out for the purpose.

The meeting was convened in the backdrop of rising incidents of terrorism in KP and Balochistan in recent times and the spread of the menace to other parts of the country as highlighted by the terrorist attack in Islamabad.

There is no doubt that the country was facing acute shortage of resources but an all out operation against terrorism has become inevitable.

The meeting rightly pointed out that the militants were the enemies of Pakistan and that the entire nation was united on one narrative against terrorism and terrorists and those who challenge Pakistan will get a response with full might.

Similarly, the economic crisis is also compounding with the passage of time as IMF is reluctant to release the next tranche without fulfilment of further conditions that the country finds it hard to meet in the given situation as price hike has become unbearable for the masses and the government also needs additional resources to implement plans for rehabilitation of the flood affected people and restoration of the damaged infrastructure.

The decision to launch a diplomatic campaign to enlist support of the influential and friendly countries to convince the IMF to adopt a lenient attitude towards Pakistan is also understandable and hopefully the friendly countries would give serious consideration to this request in view of resurrection of terrorism, economic and political difficulties and urgent needs of the flood affected people.

There are also indications that the government is seeking the nod of the NSC for taking more difficult decisions to pave the way for success of talks with the IMF and this would require a reasonable time for the government to implement the national agenda of revival of the economy involving further risk for its political capital.

A full picture would, however, emerge on Monday when the Committee is expected to give final shape to the proposals put forward for addressing the security and economic challenges.