The nature of warfare and power shifting | BY Imtiaz Rafi Butt


The nature of warfare and power shifting

SINCE the beginning of time, nations and men pursue their interests. As men drive nations, national policies exhibit lasting imprints of the nature and personality of their leaders.

Putting self-interest first is human nature. Self-interest exaggerated to selfishness leads to usurping of basic rights of others.

The human desire to gain superiority over others led to inventions. It is not surprising that the invention of needle to airplanes to all technological advances are a direct consequence of desire to gain military superiority and it was only later that their other positive benefits for mankind were discovered.

Nuclear technology was also primarily developed to gain military superiority which was later utilized for power generation.

Mankind has used every weapon that was developed in war. So much so that United States of America vehemently used nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to suppress their enemy in World War II ruthlessly killing over 200 thousand innocent people causing Japan to surrender.

It is not beyond imagination and beyond certainty that nuclear weapons are likely to be used again in future however it is before time to affirm when and where.

Narcissistic nationalists like Hitler, Stalin and other selfish reckless rulers have already subjected the world to horrific World wars.

It is horrific to imagine if Hitler had access to nuclear weapons, he would have unquestionably used them against his enemies rather than committing suicide and history would be entirely different today.

The eventualities and circumstances that led to the rise to power of American President Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Indian premier Narender Modi, Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Chinese President Xi Jinping, is clearly evident in their leadership style, governance and the power that their countries possess.

The United States was once the only nuclear power which it used to dictate the world. Her military superiority was the source of its economic might. America was the leading weapons exporter of the world.

On one hand it was selling its military equipment all across the world and on the other hand promoting the farce of world peace and signing non-proliferation treatise like CTBT yet not compromising its own nuclear program.

Banking on the military might and superiority of America, its leaders wreaked havoc in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Hong King, South Africa, and parts of Africa without paying heed to moral, legal, ethical or economic outcomes.

Recently American president Donald Trump carved a huge a divide between the rich and poor weakening the American society from within.

Vladimir Putin, a martial artist, was the head of the Russian secret service KGB has been holding office of the premiere of Russia for the past two decades.

His style of ruling and governance clearly depicts his past. Russia post disintegration has again regained power and is now locking horns with Europe and United States.

In the Ukraine conflict the West is scared that Russia might use nuclear weapons. Putin himself has threatened its use in case of external interference.

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi who is single with no offspring is a conception of Hindu extremist organization RSS.

The butcher of Gujrat is expressing his extremist agenda in Kashmir. A tea hawker when entrusted with leading such a vast nation truly reflected the skeletons of his past in his polices.

The neighbouring country Pakistan faces dire threats from his radical approach. Alarming is the fact that Pakistan is itself a nuclear power whose assets are under military control and any military intervention by India threatens an all-out nuclear war.

It is unimaginable that any army will accept defeat in the battle field. The 37-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is an extremely progressive personality.

The murder of journalist Jamâl A? mad Khâshquji was an awfully horrifying act yet United States and other Western nations have refrained from condemning the Saudi Prince.

The same United States has backed Israel in keeping the Arabs in check. Likewise Saudi Arabia in spite of having over five decades of mutually beneficial relationship with the United States is pursuing its interests with the rising Super power China thereby making its intentions clear.

Similarly, the aggressive dictatorial rule of Kim Jong-un is not obscure to the world. His tyrannical rule and word is absolute in North Korea.

He creates an example of people who dare act against his will. He is totally unorthodox and therefore it cannot be predicted what he can or will do owing to his impulsive nature.

The American President Joe Biden has been a senator and held important portfolios during various tenures but has proven to be a weak president and it appears as if the pentagon has overtaken the presidency.

There is always a difference between a political leader and an officer of the military. Super powers never accepts rising power unless it is defeated. The Chinese premier Xi Jinping has risen to power after a long political struggle.

His personality and style has imprints of Mao Zedong. His father was a leader of the communist party who was entrusted with various important positions and was murdered due to his political ideology.

His younger sister also fell victim to his political rivals. Xi Jinping lost seven times when contesting for Youth League and ten times while contesting for the Central Party but his strong resolve against corruption is the reason for his popularity among people.

China’s current political, economic and military might as well as its roadmap for the future is all attributable to Xi Jinping.

He has kept management and governance strictly under his control. President Xi Jinping is the impetus of the progressive approach of China which is stamping its authority and influence around the world.

The progress of China is being checked by the West.The world however is in the process of and economic and political power shift.

The process of power shifting has never been peaceful. This can push the world towards another world war.

In this process the personalities, character and mentality of leaders of nuclear powered nations can land the world in a nuclear conflict. It is the blessing of the Almighty that this world has been safe from any such calamity.

Only the will of the Almighty can prevent this catastrophe that seems imminent bearing in mind the current leaders at world stage.

—The writer is Chairman, Jinnah Rafi Foundation, based in Lahore.