Artificial shortage, price hike caused by mafias-officials connivance Govt plans sugar import to rein in hoarders, profiteers


The Punjab government seems to have been worried about the rising prices and artificial shortage of sugar and has decided to import as many as 300,000 tones of the commodity to ensure ample supply in the market.
This step has, reportedly, been planned to discourage hoarders and stockiest, who, apparently, have appeared mighty than the state machinery. According to officials, the government is worried about the hoarding of sugar and its rising prices. The Food Department has decided to import 300,000 tonnes of sugar to meet the shortage of sugar, while a summary has been sent to the Cabinet Committee for approval.
On the other hand, the government has failed to control the artificial shortage and rising prices of sugar, which has touch Rs100 a kg.
Despite tall claims and vigorous measures, the hoarding and price hike of sugar could not be controlled. In view of shortage and rising prices, the food department has decided to import 300,000 tonnes of sugar to deal with the shortage and control prices.
The Food Department has sent a summary to the Cabinet Committee for approval for import of 300,000 tonnes of sugar.
A summary regarding sugar import will be presented for approval in the Cabinet Committee meeting to be held on October 6 under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.
The purpose of importing sugar is to ensure ample supply of sugar in the market and prevent further rise in sugar prices on the pretext of demand and supply gap.
However, wholesalers feared that the price of sugar could even cross Rs100 per kg in coming days as in the last three days it had gone up from Rs95 to Rs98 per kg. Some consumers said utility stores were selling sugar at Rs78 per kg but most of the shopkeepers purchased sugar from these stores and sold it on higher rates.
The citizens expressed resentments over the increase in the price of sugar and said last year it was available at Rs54 per kg. They questioned the government’s writ, saying that failure of the state machinery against the hoarders and profiteers is beyond comprehension. The government functionaries should sit together and revisit the strategy for controlling the market as apparently “mafias” are ruling the roost, the public regretted.
The public at large complained that all daily-use items from sugar to flour, pulses, ghee, cooking, vegetables and medicines, the government has utterly failed to control prices, adding that “mafias” in the shape of hoarders and profiteers, with the connivance of bureaucrats and state functionaries, enjoying a free hand at the cost of the masses, groaning under the burden of price hike.
The public has urged the government to take solid measures to relieve the poor masses of ever-rising burden of multifarious problems.