Anoushey Ashraf reveals the harasser who sent her indecent messages


Anoushey Ashraf, a popular host, went to Instagram to report an incident (which she claims occurs far too often) in which a user harassed her online by sending her obscene messages. The acclaimed musician turned to the social networking platform and named and shamed the individual by posting obscene comments besides his profile.

Anoushey then posted a few of the comments she’d received in her direct messages, in which numerous women offered support and described their own online harassment experiences. Anoushey stated why she chose to identify and humiliate the harasser rather than ignoring it in an Instagram story after releasing the screenshots.

“Today I shared a story of a man who sent me an indecent message,” she began, adding many reported the said account. “Many reached out to me, thanking me and lending me their support – which I truly appreciate. One of the reasons I put his name out there is because I think a lot of people need to learn that they can’t get away with this [harassing someone].”

She further added, “Had I not said anything, he would have done the same with vulnerable women, younger girls – girls who might not understand what’s going on. It isn’t a cool thing, they [women] would not know how to react.”

Anoushey went on to reason, “So when something like this goes on to public forum now that the man has seen his face plastered on my Instagram, I think he’s going to realize to not do this to another woman again. For that reason alone, I think it’s fine to put everything out there and even get hate for it.”

A number of Pakistani celebrities have recently spoken out against trolling and online abuse. Fahad Mustafa, Ali Rehman Khan, and others have spoken out against the mistreatment of entertainment women.

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