ANF seizes over 2130 kg drugs in 32 operations; arrests 33


Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan seized 2130.019 kg drugs worth US$ 40.56 million internationally, arrested 33 accused including two women and three foreigners besides impounding 15 vehicles while conducting 32 counter narcotics operations throughout the country during last week.

According to an ANF Headquarters spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 379.560 kg Opium, 61.12 kg Heroin, 1671.969 kg Hashish, 13.117 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 3.500 kg Cocaine, 0.123 kg Weed and 0.630 kg Ecstasy Tablets (930 Tabs).

ANF Balochistan recovered 1680 kg drugs in four operations, arrested two accused in drug smuggling while seized two vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 260 kg Opium, five kg Heroin, 1410 kg Hashish and five kg Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF Punjab recovered 74.703 kg drugs in three operations and arrested four drug smugglers including two foreigners and seized two vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 9.6 kg Opium, 64.800 kg Hashish and 0.303 kg Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF KPK recovered 193.246 kg drugs in eight operations and arrested nine persons including a woman and two foreigners who were allegedly involved in drug smuggling. ANF also seized four vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 107.100 kg Opium, 48.45 kg Heroin, 33.566 kg Hashish and 3.5 kg Methamphetamine (Ice) and 0.630 kg Ecstasy Tablets (930 Tabs).

ANF Sindh recovered 172.556 kg drugs in nine operations while 10 accused including a woman were sent behind the bars and four vehicles were also impounded.