Ahsan urges provincial govts to help early completion of Census


237,448,241 individuals so far counted in 4 provinces

Sarwar Awan

Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal has assured the utmost efforts will be made to ensure the complete coverage and urged provincial governments to play their vital role for early completion of the census by ensuring complete coverage.

He was addressing the briefing given by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics authorities on Friday to leaders of political parties, parliamentarians; federal and provincial ministers on the ongoing 7th Digital Population and Housing Census under which around 237.448 million individuals have so far been counted in all four provinces.

Prof. Ahsen Iqbal welcomed the members for sparing their valuable time for this briefing.

Ahsen Iqbal appreciated the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics efforts for complete coverage and directed Provincial Governments to efficiently monitor the field operations for successful completion of the gigantic activity of national importance.

He appreciated the effort made by PBS for establishing digital system for the conduct of the census. He highlighted that with the help of this system under and over reporting issues were diagnosed on instant basis for their redressal during the field operation

The objective of briefing was to update the participants about the Methodology of Digital Census and Statistics collected so far.

The participants were informed about the important role of provincial governments in efficiently collecting accurate data during the census process.

The Chief Census Commissioner Dr. Naeem uz Zafar gave detailed presentation on the background, process, methodology as well various milestones achieved for the conduct of the census and role of various stakeholder including NADRA, SUPARCO, NTC, Provincial Governments and Pak Army for the conduct of the census.

He briefed that the 1st digital system for the conduct of the census established with tireless efforts of the stakeholders.

He also shared the progress of the census made till now as well as population counted till now.

The PBS shared how its field teams took prompt decisions to identify the blocks with ‘low-coverage’ using the ‘Digital System.’

According to the latest figures of the 7th Population and Housing Census of Pakistan, “Overall around 237,448,241 individuals have so far been counted.”

Giving the break-up, the PBS informed that in Sindh as many as 54,138,485 individuals have been counted so far, while 116,442,499 in Punjab, 39,315,873 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 19,713,823 in Balochistan.

Muhammad Sarwar Gondal briefed regarding the Digital architecture of the system, during the visit to the Call center and the census control center. He informed regarding robust Complaint Management System through call center and the working of 17 working groups for redressal of problems faced during field operation

The participants showed their satisfaction over Digital System and appreciated efforts of PBS.