Adverse cricketing conditions may force Multan to abandon its role as the host of the second test match between Pakistan and New Zealand.

Severe fog and smog are expected in the area in early January with the two cricketing boards already reportedly in discussions about the matter.

The second test between England and Pakistan earlier this month faced a similar problem with poor visibility during practice causing real concerns for the batters. The days themselves were supposed to be cut short due to smog in the area.

No such troubles occurred though as the Sun burned away most of the fog before the play began on scheduled time. However, the conditions have been overcast since then with the temperatures dropping significantly as well.

If the problems persists, PCB will have no other option than to shift the second test between Pakistan and New Zealand away from Multan.

The next destination remains a mystery but Karachi seems to be the likeliest option.

Lahore and Rawalpindi are the other stadiums with facilities equipped to deal with rigours of international cricket but Lahore’s air quality is even worse  than Multan currently while Rawalpindi may not be safest option during the ongoing political climate.

Karachi will already host the first test beginning on December 26th and will also host the subsequent three ODIs, making it a perfect candidate for hosting the complete tour.

The final decision remains to be seen.

Pakistan and New Zealand have already announced their teams for the test series.