A tribute to defence forces



ADDRESSING an investiture ceremony at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that power, wealth and money could never be a compensation for the martyrdom of the defence forces.

Indeed, it is so because the soldiers render their life not for any compensation but considering it as one of the greatest honours and a religious duty.

For a soldier, protection of homeland is the prime duty for which he can give the ultimate sacrifice.

As regards our defence forces, they are second to none in terms of gallantry, discipline and professionalism.

It will not be wrong to say either that it is the most organized and trustworthy institution in our country.

The way they have defended the geographical borders from the evil plots of enemy as well as crushed the terrorist elements really speak of the strength of our forces.

In fact what our security personnel achieved in the war on terrorism, the NATO forces collectively could not do so in neighbouring Afghanistan.

We are really proud of their successes because of which we are living in our homes with peace today.

It is however really unfortunate and condemnable that over the last few years certain elements have unleashed propaganda campaign against the army and its leadership which only hurts the morale of the personnel.

We must understand that the defence forces are a precious asset and the real strength of Pakistan and any attempt to weaken them will only amount to playing in the hands of the enemy.

Hence this propaganda against the forces either by political leadership or other quarters must come to an end immediately rather action must be taken against those resorting to this smear campaign.

The political leadership should refrain from putting the burden of their failures on others.

The nation greatly values the sacrifices of defence forces and any effort to drive a wedge between the two will not succeed.

By honouring the services of personnel, we can really boost the morale of our defence forces.


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