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Fintech’s importance

Fintech or financial technology helps deliver financial services. It has been around for quiet some time, but over the last few years, Fintech companies have revolutionized the way people interact with financial services.

Some examples of Fintech include mobile wallets and payment apps such as PayPal, easy paisa, apple pay, Google pay and to name a few others.

It is noteworthy that for Fintech to be successful, literacy and especially financial literacy is extremely important. For instance, in countries like China, the use of cash has almost been replaced by a WhatsApp like application called WeChat. Customers can swipe their devices at the point of sale to make a purchase or pay and don’t have to carry cash with them.

In Pakistan, the urban population is highly conversant with this Fintech services such as online banking, easy paisa, naya pay, sadapay, credit fix etc but the situation in rural areas is in total contrast. The major reason why Fintech has not been really successful in rural areas is the low literacy rate and lack of training/education about these services.

Majority of the Fintech applications do not offer local language interface and even when they provide the interface in the desired language, the applications are not really user-friendly. Resultantly, the adaptability rate of Fintech services in rural areas is comparatively very low.

Since Government is working on reducing the undocumented economy and it needs civilian’s database to improve their tax collection, the Government along with State Bank and education sector should formulate policies to improve Fintech use in Pakistan by delivering trainings and awareness sessions; not only to compete with the modern world but also for the sake of revival of country’s economy which is heavily relying on tax payer’s money.

With proper guidance and training, the rural class would be more inclined towards switching to Fintech services and it would be a win win situation for all.



Rape is inexcusable

Scared? No, petrified. I am terrified to the core. I feel helpless, powerless. Look how impotent I am, that I am relying on a bunch of bricks and cement to keep myself safe. How feeble I am that I am dependent on a plastic button or a key, that if I don’t press the button I won’t be safe in my own car. The objects that can easily be destroyed have more power than me. I am practically drowning in regret of my existence at this moment. But why is that?

Why am I scared? I am doing everything that I have been taught, not to be the victim of their ravenous. I cover myself when I am out. I always look down when there are men around me because if I don’t do this they won’t be able to resist me. You taught me to walk on eggshells all my life. You taught me wrong because none of this is going to keep me safe.

All those women who saw the massacre of their self-worth buried in front of them under a soul-crushing load of silence, every moment would have been like the annihilation of their spirit, with every passing second they would have struggled for breath, they would have screamed for help, they would have tried to break free from the wrenching pain and escape, they would have felt the dread and terror in that heavy, never-ending moment of their misery, they would have tried to rescue themselves but the burden and bulk of those filthy barbarians were all over them. It was the slaughter of everything, their body, mind and soul.

So, maybe this is the right time to teach that instead of looking down, look into their eyes, and tell them that no one can ever overpower you. It is the right time to get rid of those ridiculous notations that you were not covered appropriately, or you were alone at that moment all by yourself. Rape is inexcusable, there’s nothing that can justify this no reason no explanation!



Don’t vote

for Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena has always been a party of controversies. During all the three lockdowns in the state of Maharashtra, only those working in government organizations were allowed to travel by local trains. They had to show their identity card at the booking counter and only then they were issued a train ticket. The others had to make it on foot or travel by private cars like Ola and Uber.

All private offices were also closed down and the daily wagers suffered a lot because they had no source of income and were not even provided with free meals by the state government. The state government even promised to provide free ration to the needy but it was not given. Those people who wanted an investigation against actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death were even arrested and put behind bars.

During all the three lockdowns, people had to go hungry because they were not allowed to walk on the streets in order to buy groceries and vegetables for their daily use. Those people who were found going to the market were caught by the police and beaten terribly with batons. Even women and children were not spared. They were beaten mercilessly.

Those people not wearing a face mask were even fined heavily by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Places of worship were also shut completely and people had to pray at home. These are just a few reasons. There are many more. Hence, some of us Christians have decided not to vote for the Shiv Sena again in the next elections.

— Jubel D’Cruz

Mumbai, India


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