A positive development in Gulf


THE restoration of full ties between Qatar and the Arab nations is by all means a positive and welcome development hailed by all the Muslim nations including Pakistan. The Gulf leaders signed a solidarity and stability agreement as they met for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) annual summit in Saudi Arabia’s desert city of Al-Ula. Addressing a news conference, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan said there is a political will and good faith to guarantee the implementation of the agreement to restore diplomatic and other ties including the resumption of flights.
It will be unfair not to appreciate the efforts put in both by Kuwait and Oman for brokering the deal between Qatar and other Gulf countries. Their persistent and sincere efforts and cooperation led to this important and amicable outcome. Whilst Kuwaiti officials worked hard to bring the two sides towards a settlement, Muscat strongly supported efforts aimed at cooling down regional tensions and finding diplomatic solutions to the Middle East’s conflicts and disputes. Since Pakistan has always given immense importance to its relations with the Gulf Countries, our foreign office was also quick to welcome the rapprochement. Unity within the Arab countries is need of the hour to address the challenges faced by the region as well as the Muslim Ummah, and it is a matter of satisfaction that there is also realization of this fact at the top leadership level with Saudi Crown Prince stressing for unified efforts to promote the region and to confront the challenges. Certainly this is the way forward through which the Arab nations can serve the aspirations of their people for development and prosperity. We are confident that the restoration of ties between Qatar and other Arab countries will lead to promotion of their cooperation in different fields and that any misgivings will be addressed on the table of negotiations. Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) can also be strengthened and made an effective platform if the Muslim countries pursue the course of unity and move towards resolution of their internal disputes through talks.