7th anniversary of Sardar Qayyum observed


Prayerful public vows to continue Kashmir struggle

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Amidst prayerful public vows for continuation of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan was observed solemnly the 7th anniversary of veteran Kashmiri leader Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan at his mazar here on Saturday preceded by congregational Quran recitation for uplift of soul of the deceased and for early fulfillment of his Kashmir mission. His son Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, ex-premier of AJK and supreme head of Muslim Conference led the prayers/Dua with several senior politicians from other parties attending the congregation.

Public attendance was huge. Sardar Qayyum Khan is titled as Mujahid-e-Awwal being the practical starter of the armed phase of Kashmir liberation movement from public rallying point of Neela Butt on August 23, 1947. World historians have noted this fact in their Kashmir struggle sagas like Joseph Korbel, Lord Birdwood, Alastair Lamb besides the English Daily “The Statesman” Calcutta.

Sardar Attique Ahmed told the anniversary gathering that “ours are mission oriented lives as per ideological pursuits of accession pursuer Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan who had devoted his youthful life (1924-2015) for the truthful cause of Kashmir”. In his exclusive talk with Pakistan Observer on the occasion Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said: “Sardar Qayyum Khan’s struggle graph included restoration of honor and liberty of every Kashmiri irrespective of their religious or social affiliations. We are ideological heirs of his mission and life.

No amount of ups and downs of times or circumstances can shake our foundational faith of accession of whole of Jammu and Kashmir state to Pakistan as per principles of the political, geographic division of the British Indian subcontinent in August 1947.

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