Whisker of a tiger..!

Was speaking to a young wife who complained to me last week about how her husband had become impatient with her, and told her this story: Once upon a time in Siam there lived a young newly married couple who were very much in love with each other.
One day the man went out to war and he was away for quite a few months. He came back a very changed person. He sat for many hours on his doorstep thinking thoughts he would not tell his wife and staying away from her. The poor wife tried all she could to coax and cajole her husband to come back to his former self but she tried in vain. Finally in desperation, she went to an old sadhu in the forest and explained her problem.
“Bring me the whisker of a tiger!” thundered the sage “and I will tell you what to do.” The young lady was crestfallen; she knew how impossible her task was, but she was determined to get back her husband. So the next day she went into the forest with a bowl of soup and found a tiger’s lair. She saw the fearsome beast inside, stood trembling, then put down the bowl and fled. The day after when she went to the entrance of the tiger’s cave she found the soup had been finished and she filled it with some more of the delicious stuff and again ran away.
She did this day after day for months on end till one day she stood and waited. The tiger also waited for her to go away but seeing she wasn’t going to do so, came to the bowl and lapped up the soup.
She stopped running away after that and after a few months decided not to put the bowl down at all. The tiger having got used to this woman who only wanted to feed him, came up to her and actually drank the soup from her hands. She trembled as she watched the mighty beast, but slowly as days passed by stopped growing afraid and one day with a quick movement pulled off a whisker from the cheek of the fearsome fellow! She ran with the whisker in her hand all the way to the sage. “Here wise sage!” she panted, “here is the whisker of the tiger, now tell me what to do with it?”
The sadhu smiled as he took the whisker and kept it aside, “Go now to your husband,” he said, “and use the same patience you’ve had to get the whisker of this beast, and you will get his heart back likewise!” Ah! What wonderful advice for both you wives and we husbands..!
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