When Manoj Sinha told all about India-induced tragedy in IIOJK in poetry



Amid utter ban on freedom of speech under Modi-led fascist regime in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kahsmir, local writers have started using poetry as a means of expressing their pro-freedom and anti-India feelings.

In one such latest incident, a Jammu based writer in the presence of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, recited:

“Jab Hausala Bana Liya Unchi Udaan Ka

Phir Dekhna Fuzool Hai Kad Aasmaan Ka…”

[When we have firmly decided to fly high, then sky’s vastness can’t frighten us]

In the poetic expression, the Lieutenant Governor was, in fact, told that people of Jammu and Kashmir would con-tinue their resistance, no matter how much India mighty is].

This was said on the occasion of the release of “Ehd of Kashmir” – a short docu-drama at the Convention Centre, Jammu, the other day. It was a lyrical flow of subtle expressions in the presence of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha when local writers chose to go poetic to depict the situation of nature’s beautiful free verse, set in the pictur-esque landscape of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, tarnished by enemies of humanity.

Woven around the journey of Kashmir from a “Valley of Happiness and Splendour” to the “Vale of tragedies, spilling blood” as an outcome of the brutal presence of Indian military footprints and its changing face post 2019, when India revoked IIOJK’s special status.

Jammu-based writers Monika Jamwal and Vikram Sharma, who conducted the proceedings, set the pace of this lyrical flow and seasoned journalist Binoo Joshi and the Lieutenant Governor were present as guests.

In her welcome address, Binoo Joshi, while referring to the resolute determination of the Kashmiri people to get special status back, recited:

“Jab Hausala Bana Liya Unchi Udaan Ka

Phir Dekhna Fuzool Hai Kad Aasmaan Ka…”

Giving a brief account of her docu-drama on Kashmir, she wound up on the tragic note:

“Zindagi Dasht Ki Surat Hi Sahi Sabr To Kar

Ek Din Vaadiye Kashmir Bhi Ho Sakti Hai…”

[Life is like a desert, but be patient. A day will surely dawn when the Vale of Kashmir [will become paradise again].—KMS